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Memorial Web Page for Deborah J. "Misty" Gerner
           5 January 1956 - 19 June 2006

I am living
with a chronic illness.
Every day is a success,
every friendship a joy,
every insight a gift, and
every accomplishment worth
In this moment,
I am alive.

Deborah J. Gerner
December 2003



Short biography taken from the program at the Oread Friends Meeting memorial service.

In memoriam

This page has links to various obituaries and “In memoriam” essays that have appeared in print, as well as the texts of some of the tributes read at her memorial service.


This page has -- I think -- links to all of the "MistyList" email messages that were sent out from October 2002 to June 2006.

Home page

This links to a copy of the home page that Misty maintained at the University of Kansas; there are links to her c.v., an assortment of papers, and class sites.


This page has information on some awards that have been established by various organizations to honor Misty's interests in teaching and research.

20 Rules for Dealing with an Extended Illness

There probably should be 100 rules, but this is a start.


An assortment of links to various institutions that were involved in Misty's treatment and other assorted web sites

Memorial service page


Memorial contributions

If you are interested in making a contribution in Misty's memory, she had particular interest in the "Ad Mundum" ("to the world") fund at her undergraduate alma mater, Earlham College ( This is an endowment that she established a number of years ago to provide need-based supplemental funding to undergraduates doing study abroad. Earlham's contributions website

can be used for this.

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