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In Memoriam


Printed obituaries and essays

University of Kansas Public Relations Office

Lawrence Journal World obituary

Lawrence Journal World feature story

MERIP (Fall, 2006)

International Studies Association E-Newsletter (Vol. 30, No.9, September 2006)

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs (Sept/Oct 2006)

PS (January 2007) (American Political Science Association news magazine)

Remarks at memorial service, 17 September 2006

Alice Lieberman

Philip Schrodt

J. Ann Tickner

Elizabeth Schultz

Remarks at memorial service in Palestine, 29 October 2006

Terry Boullata

Anita Vitullo

Remarks at memorial service at the International Studies Association meetings, 2 March 2007

Robert Kudrle

Renée Marlin-Bennett

Remarks at Earlham College international education panel, 13 March 2007

Mary Garman

Last update: 30 March 2007


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